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ZMan CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jigs transfer perfectly to Australian Bass, with their smaller profile and small but powerful Mustad 2/0 UltraPoint chemically sharpened hook. You'll find this slightly stronger weed guard will allow you to fish tighter to the nasty places most fish live, with miminal worry of donating your lure to the structure. 

A compact, streamlined design is ideal for casting, pitching, skipping and swimming, while durable colour matched head paint schemes and signature 'cross eyes' add attraction to the jig. Available in an exciting range of colours, all skirts are quality, hand-tied 100% silicone and a wire trailer keeper makes it quick and easy to add your favourite ZMan 10X Tough ElaZtech, or other brand, soft plastic trailer.






ZMAN CrossEyez Power Finesse Jig

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