Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada Lure

Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada Lure

The number 1 cicada lure on the market, the Tiemco soft shell cicada is a “must have” lure for any keen top water fisherman.


The Tiemco soft shell cicada is by far the most popular cicada imitation lure on the market - Ask any serious bass angler, and they will agree! 


This awesome lure is designed to catch a number of both salt and fresh water species including estuary perch, bass, bream and trout. 


The soft foam body is super buoyant, realistic and natural in sound when it lands on the waters surface. This can be the difference between catching fish and not catching fish.


The foam is super durable and with soft lifelike wings and its natural lifelike colour range, this lure can be slow rolled or twitched and paused across the surface making it look, sound and feel like the real thing. 


Length: 40mm

Weight: 4g

Type: Foam Floating


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