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The LK Legacy series pays homage to TFO’s founding rod designer Lefty Kreh by incorporating all his wisdom in the creation of the ultimate “big water” trout rod for intermediate to advanced anglers. Whether casting dries, nymphs, or streamers, the LK Legacy’s perfect tracking and a crisp, smooth recovery make them very powerful and responsive. LK Legacy series lighter line weights will easily protect 5x tippet when fishing to highly selective trout. And the mid to heavier line weights are excellent for windy conditions or distance casting as they are designed to efficiently generate high line speed and very tight loops. The combination of light weight and durability make these rods perfect to fish from first light to sundown.


The LK Legacy is constructed with high modulus carbon fiber material and finished in a matte grey color. Componentry includes fully anodized up-locking reel seats with angled hoods and braided carbon fiber inserts. Black frame, stainless steel stripping guides and anodized, double-foot, stainless-steel snake guides provide durability and minimize weight. The Flor grade full cork grips are comfortably contoured and uniquely contrasted. From a delicate 3-weight to the very popular 8-weight, 11 models allow the LK Legacy series to perfectly match a broad range of conditions, techniques, and species. All models feature alignment dots color coded by line weight and LK Legacy rods come packaged in a labeled rod sock and a TFO rod tube.The LK Legacy series puts unsurpassed power and responsiveness in the hands of the freshwater angler. Combined with TFO’s no-fault lifetime warranty against defects, these rods are the perfect choice for the wide-open space of broad rivers and other big water worldwide. Fish the Original ™  

Limited Liftetime No-Fault Warranty: available for the life of the original registered owner. No matter how you break it, we will either repair it or replace it - fly rods will cost $45 incl GST per section (except the butt section which costs $80)

TFO LK Legacy fly rod

PriceFrom $540.00
  • Model Line Wt Action Handle Pieces
    TF 03 80 4 LK 3 Fast A 4
    TF 04 86 4 LK 4 Fast A 4
    TF 04 90 4 LK 4 Fast A 4
    TF 05 90 4 LK 5 Fast A 4
    TF 06 90 4 LK 6 Fast A 4
    TF 06 91 4 LK 6 Fast B 4
    TF 06 96 4 LK 6 Fast C 4
    TF 07 90 4 LK 7 Fast B 4
    TF 07 96 4 LK 7 Fast C 4
    TF 08 10 4 LK 8 Fast C 4
    TF 08 90 4 LK 8 Fast B 4



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