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The Blue Ribbon series is perfect for the freshwater angler who needs to effectively cover water with repeated casts over the course of the day. In these situations, the successful angler is the one whose fly is in the water the most. For this reason, the Blue Ribbon series is designed to load easily with minimal back cast allowing the angler to make quick accurate casts with very little effort. So, whether its casting indicators, or multi-fly rigs from a drift boat, or bait fish patterns to the bank all day the Blue Ribbon series is engineered to deliver cast after cast with ease.


The Blue Ribbon series is constructed with intermediate modulus carbon fiber material and finished in a chestnut brown color with premium cork grips. The light weight up-locking solid brushed aluminum reel seats include an integrated hook keeper and have carbon fiber inserts. The 11-rod series is finished with SiC stripping guides and ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless-steel snake guides. All models feature TFO’s line weight ID system on the handle and alignment dots color coded by line weight. Blue Ribbon rods are packaged in a labeled rod sock and TFO rod tube.The Blue Ribbon series is all about efficient casting when keeping the fly in the water is key. And when combined with TFO’s no-fault lifetime warranty against defects, these rods are the perfect choice for covering lots of water in search of your favorite freshwater species. Fish the Original TM


Limited Liftetime No-Fault Warranty: available for the life of the original registered owner. No matter how you break it, we will either repair it or replace it - fly rods will cost $50 incl GST per section (except the butt section which costs $80)

TFO Blue Ribbon

PriceFrom $460.00
  • Model Line Wt. Length Pieces Handle
    TF 02 76-4 BR 2 9' 4 A
    TF 03 80-4 BR 3 8' 4 A
    TF 03 10-4 BR 3 10' 4 B
    TF 04 86-4 BR 4 8'6" 4 A
    TF 04 90-4 BR 4 9' 4 A
    TF 04 10-4 BR 4 10 4 B
    TF 05 90-4 BR 5 9' 4 A
    TF 05 10-4 BR 5 10' 4 B
    TF 06 90-4 BR 6 9' 4 A
    TF 06 91-4 BR 6 9' 4 C
    TF 07 90-4 BR 7 9' 4 C


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