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Siglon PE ADV takes the original Siglon PEx8 to the next level thanks to the latest manufacturing process, making it superior in its water repellency, strength, slickness and abrasion resistance.


Sunline compared the water repellency between Siglon PEx8 and Siglon PE ADV. When a water drop was placed on to the original Siglon PE the drop soaks into the line (which is normal for PE lines).


However Siglon PE ADV shows an excellent repellency due to a special resin that penetrates deep into the fibre. This technology is the first in the industry which Sunline named Deep Resin Technology (DRT)


Due to the special processing, the water sheds from the line easily, resulting in the line being lighter allowing for less friction and smoother casting everytime.



Sunline Siglon PEx8 ADV

PriceFrom $39.95
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