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The iconic Raider series – Shimano's most comprehensive rod range – has continuously lifted the benchmark for performance and value. The latest line-up has been upgraded to 30T graphite blanks for improved strength and a responsive, lightweight, and crisp feel. The guides have been upgraded to Fuji's single-foot FazLite K guides for further weight reduction and responsiveness. The Raider range is fitted with custom Shimano reel seats, a mix of split and full-length custom cork grips and aesthetic cosmetics. The latest Raider line-up covers 35 models including a new kids Junior range, Dash range and Flats Spin and Swimbait models.






Shimano Raider

  • Model Pieces Line Lure
    21RDR5102REEF 2 15-24kg -
    21RDR601YAK 1 1-3kg 1-7g
    21RDR601SPB 1 5-8kg 10-30g
    21RDR602SPB 2 5-8kg 10-30g
    21RDR661SPB 1 5-10kg 10-30g
    21RDR662SPUL 2 1-3kg 1-7g
    21RDR681RACK 1 2-5kg 3-12g
    21RDR682RACK 2 2-5kg 3-12g
    21RDR6102SPFH 2 3-5kg 7-15g
    21RDR721SPL 1 1-4kg  1-10g
    21RDR722SPL 2 1-4kg 1-10g
    21RDR701SNPRM 1 4-7kg 10-45g
    21RDR701SNPRH 1 5-10kg 10-45g
    21RDR742SNPR 2 4-8kg 10-35g
    21RDR762SNPR 2 5-8kg 10-45g
    21RDR782EGI 2 3-6kg 1.8-4.0GOU
    21RDR7102SPH 2 6-10kg 20-60g
    21RDR582BCBM 2 5-8kg 10-28g
    21RDR591MAG 1 6-10kg 10-28g
    21RDR5101BCB 1 3-6kg 4-12g
    21RDR601BCN 1 4-8kg 7-28g
    21RDR621BCB 1 6-10kg 6-28g
    21RDR631BCR 1 3-6kg 5-15g
    21RDR641COD 1 6-12kg 15-40g
    21RDR642COD 2 6-12kg 15-40g
    21RDR782SB 2 8-12kg 1-6oz
    21RDR942SP 2 3-6kg 15-40g
    21RDRSURFL 2 4-8kg 20-100g
    21RDRSURFM 2 5-10kg 40-130g
    21RDR401SP 1 3-6kg 5-20g
    21RDR401BC 1 5-10kg 5-20g
    21RDRJ401SPL 1 2-4kg -
    21RDRJ421SPM 1 3-6kg -
    21RDRJ421BC 1 3-6kg -


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