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The NEW 2021 Jewel has been upgraded to a T45 blank construction now incorporating higher carbon content to assist with faster blank recovery, sensitivity and response. Quality Fuji Alconite K guides have also been utilised to deliver anglers premium casting performance and value. The 2021 Jewel range includes 7 new additions, increasing the range to 25 models. This series features a great new black and white cosmetic that will match up perfectly with a range of Shimano reels. Thers is now a Jewel to suit every situation. 

Shimano Jewel 2021

  • Model Pieces Line Lure
    21JL5101MBC 1 4-8kg 7-23g
    21JL641BC3-7 1 3-7kg 7-30g
    21JL601BC5-10 1 5-10kg 10-40g
    21JL7102SWIM 2 8-15kg 60-140g
    21JL701SPM 1 3-6kg 7-25g
    21JL741SPSW 1 5-10kg 10-40G
    21JL742SPSW 2 5-10kg 10-40g
    21JL701SPUL 1 1-4kg 1-7g
    21JL702SPM 2 3-6kg 7-25g
    21JL702SPUL 2 1-4kg 1-7g
    21722SPMH 2 4-8kg 7-32g
    21JL721SPL 1 2-4kg 1-7g
    21JL6102SP 2 2-5kg 1-10g
    21JL792LC 2 4-8kg 10-35g
    21JL822TW5 2 PE 5 MAX 120
    21JL962SP8-15 2 8-15kg 28-150g
    21JL541SP5 1 PE 5 MAX 250g
    21JL521JSPH8 1 PE 8 MAX 350g
    21JL561JOH5 1 PE 5 MAX 250g
    21JL541JOHH8 1 PE 8 MAX 350g
    21JL621JSP3 1 PE 3 MAX 80g
    21JL6101BUKU 1 PE 2 MAX 80g
    21JL661JSLOW 1 PE 3 MAX 80g
    21JLT805TW8 5 PE 8 MAX 150g
    21JL825TW5 5 PE 5 MAX 120g


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