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The Bantam BT Sraptor is an innovative floating glidebait that comes with an adjustable tungsten weight system that allows anglers to fine tune the lure’s buoyancy and fall. The Bantam BT Sraptor features an oversized realistic PVC tail section to leave a sonic signature trail in the water and draw big bites from active fish. The BT Sraptor can be used with a steady retrieve for a side-to-side gliding action or a more aggressive “twitch and pause” technique to get the reaction bite from shutdown predators. The Bantam BT Sraptor’s unique triple connection hinge eliminates torsional mechanical movement to produce consistent action and strength, designed for hard-hitting predators like Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway and XL flathead.


Weight : 58g

Length : 182mm

Type : Glidebait

Shimano Bt Sraptor

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