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The Reaction name is where Samurai all started. It was the first high end rod ever produced by the company and it holds a special place at the top of the product line-up. The Reaction Series combines the triple layer carbon blank Samurai is known for with a Carbon/Duralon grip assembly we call CD6 Grip Control. It stiffens the butt end of the rod providing enhanced sensitivity and a better balanced rod. A fused quad Axial blank wrap reduces torsion twist and results in a greater strength to weight ratio.

Samurai Reaction

PriceFrom $530.00
  • Model Pieces Line
    RE101-70 1 2-4lb
    RE151-74 1 2-6lb
    RE181-70 1 3-6lb
    RE201-70 1 2-6lb
    RE252-70 1 4-10lb
    RE502-70 1 15-25lb
    RE532-70 1 20-30lb
    RE602-70 1 25-40lb



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