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Proving itself with over 500 IGFA and ANSA records, Platypus Pre-test™ is an example of good old Aussie know how.

Platypus Pre-test™ offers confidence that no other line in the world has the guts to do, with the highest test written in black and white on the spool. Every 1000 metres of Pretest is tested three times with the highest test written on the spool.

Just because Platypus Pre-test™ has been around for over 30 years does not mean that it has remained the same. Platypus is constantly updating techniques, tracking down new nylon resins and additives to bring you the best possible nylon monofilament in the world.

Length - 300m & 500m

Type - Monofilament

Platypus Pretest

PriceFrom $17.95
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