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Amped II rods tick all the boxes for Australian anglers as they are light weight, perfectly balanced and feature quality components, all at a low retail price. This comprehensive range of rods cater for many different fishing species and styles here in Australia, with 1, 2 and 4 piece models to choose from. Fuji ‘k’ guides, crisp 1115-1 graphite blanks and build styles that suit our fishing makes these second generation Amped rods exceptional value for money.

N.S Amped II

PriceFrom $179.00
  • Model Pieces Line Lure
    Bass Med 2 6-12lb 6-20g
    Bream 2 2-6lb 2-10g
    Flathead 1 6-12lb 6-20g
    Trout 2 2-6lb 2-10g
    Snapper 2 10-20lb 10-40g
    Pelagic 1 15-30lb 14-50g
    Travel 4 6-12lb 6-20g


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