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The Garuda has a real smooth swimming action with a realistic knock from the joints.

Fished slow this lure is a superb floating wakebait, drop the tip and speed up for a dive depth of 4 to 6ft. A true premium Japanese swimbait for Murray Cod, Barramundi and all ambush predators.

Plus, a chin weight attachment provides the perfect point to add a chin sinker to plumb the depths. The Garuda can be “back hook tuned” by removing the trebles, and attaching a single hook to the top of the lure. The back of the lure, where the groove for hook shank is located, features a neodymium magnet MAGHOLD (PAT.) system to keep the top hook in place. (hook not included).

Plus, included is a set of Elastomer pads if you wish to tune the lure and reduce the joint knocking sound.

Weight - 4.5 oz

Length - 236mm

Type - Floating Swimbat

Megabass Garuda

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