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Madness Balam is a big swimbait with a unique action. Can be fished in many ways, a dead slow crawl or a fast burned retrieve like no other big bait swimbait on the market. Brilliant for a reaction bite. A great feature of the Balam is that it is a super  effective lure when fished at a slow to medium retrieve then stopped dead. It's a great swimbait for impoundments where the fish are feeding on big bait . A deadly lure for big Murray Cod, barramundi, mulloway and other predators to target with Swimbaits. The multi connected 4 piece jointed body has a superb swim and the silicon tail makes it even more attractive in the water. 

Weight :  3.7 oz

Length : 245mm

Type : Floating  Swimbait

Madness Balam 245

Only 1 left in stock
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