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The scariest and most realistic looking lure on the market, the Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider is the ultimate top water soft bait for a number of both salt and fresh water species.

It features a hollow body weedless design with soft, supple rubber legs that you would swear are real. They move and act just like real spider legs.

Skip cast them under willow trees, and watch them literally walk back across the top. Bass, Murray Cod, Estuary Perch, Barra, Saratoga and Jungle Perch, all feed on spiders, and have all been caught on the Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider.


What sets this apart from other soft surface baits is its ability to upright itself with its ballast in the sternum of the lure. The Phantom Spider fishers as good as it looks, and when its on the water, there is no telling the difference between it, and the real thing.

Weight - 1/4oz

Length - 2"

Type - Surface Crawler

Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider

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