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The Jackall Derabuzz is new concept of lure to hit the Australian market and a lure a lot of our native fish haven’t seen before. The Derabuzz is a buzzbait style lure designed to get the reaction bite from bass, saratoga, jungle perch and many more species willing to hit the surface.

Using the propeller to raise the lure to the surface on a steady retrieve it is a very easy lure to use. A simple cast and wind technique is all that is needed. Fished along the edges of weed beds or lillys in the dams can produce some amazing surface strikes. This lure is also at home amongst the timber and bank side lay-downs using the noise created by the propeller to call fish in from long distances.

With an excellent castability and a compact silhouette design these lures can be fished just about anywhere. Use it straight from the packet or add an additional trailing soft plastic or stinger hook to increase its appeal to the fish.

Weight - 1/4 oz

Length - 

Type - Buzzbait

Jackall Derabuzz

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