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Designed to "walk the dog" like no other bait has before, the Jackall Bounty Fish features a unique net-joint construction that gives it the ultimate lifelike action. This soft jerkbait style lure's distinctive Net-Joint System connects the body and tail segments by a durable, interwoven mesh material that allows the tail to move and flutter with free range of motion from the body. The result is a lifelike side-to-side darting action that not even the finest jointed hard bait could replicate. Molded from a special high-buoyancy material, the Bounty Fish features a heavily ribbed section that grabs water and slows it down during the retrieve, keeping it in the strike zone longer to trigger aggressive bites. The Bounty Fish was designed to be rigged on a 5/0 or 6/0 EWG hook for topwater fishing over heavy cover and submerged vegetation, but inventive anglers have found it to be equally as deadly for subsurface techniques when rigged on a weighted swimbait hook, scrounger head, and more.

Length - 158mm

Type - Soft Plastic

Jackall Bounty Fish 158

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