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The Stealth Swimmer has an eyelet located on the front of the nose, which can transmit hooking-power to hook point directly.
One more remarkable point, there is no hook outside body. (Hook is stored inside the body by the Stealth Hook System). So the fish does not see any hook on the Stealth Swimmer, which moderate the wariness of a fish.

Theres both a non-weighted jighead and a Weighted jighead included. One each of High strength resin jig-head for 0-6ft depth range and a weighted jighead made by bismuth with steel ball (3/8oz) for about 6-13ft range are included in the package (pre-rigged)
These jig-heads are detachable and compatible with each other. You can use both type of jig-heads in the same Stealth Swimmer if you want. When changing the jighead, we recommend to wet inside of Stealth Swimmer to allow the jighead to slide in order to not break the body.

Weight - Unweighted & 3/8oz

Length - 160mm

Type - Soft Plastic

Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer

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