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The HELIX 7 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G3N fish finder features MEGA Side Imaging, MEGA Down Imaging, Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar, Ethernet networking capability, Bluetooth, AutoChart Live, GPS and Humminbird Basemap built-in. The 7″, ultra-wide display gives you ample room to view the many pre-loaded split screen view options.

MEGA Side Imaging
455 kHz 440-500 kHz | 480ft (146m) Side-to-Side
MEGA 1075-1150 kHz | 75ft (23m) Side-to-Side

MEGA Down Imaging
455 kHz 440-500 kHz | 350ft (107m) Depth
MEGA 1075-1150 kHz | 125ft (38m) Depth

Dual Spectrum CHIRP with SwitchFire
Full Mode 150-220 kHz
Narrow Mode 180-240 kHz @ 25°
Wide Mode 140-200 kHz @ 42°

1200ft (366m)
3500ft (1067m)

8000 Watts (PTP), 1000 Watts (RMS)**

10 Hz Precision GPS
Built-In Mapping Humminbird Basemap/AutoChart Live

Model - Mega DI GPS , Mega DI GPS Navionics + , Mega SI GPS & Mega DI GPS Navionics +

Type - Sounder 

Humminbird Helix 7 G3

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