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Attract baitfish, squid and larger fish whilst fishing at night with our new underwater LED light. Green was our colour of choice and we had baitfish and garfish schooling up underneath the kayak and noted that the squid preferred to hang around where the light started to fade. Our light comes complete with a 2m lead and our waterproof jack for instant plug and play with our battery and our whole range of accessories.  Our go to choice would be to connect it up to our distribution hub so we can turn the light on/off via the remote. Another option is to split the power via a double pigtail to a switch pigtail then to your light. LIGHT MUST BE SUBMERGED WHILE ON TO AVOID BURNING OUT THE LED's.


Power consumption: 10W or 0.83A per hour at 12v.
Dimensions: 150mm long x 20mm diameter
Lead length: 2m


SKU: 10370
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