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Our new FPV-POWER 28lb motor with built in PWM throttle control allows for precise speed adjustments and provides maximum efficiency at all speeds. Traditional motors use resistors to reduce the throttle which is inefficient especially at lower speed settings and uses up unnecessary power. The PWM works by pulsing the exact amount of power required to the motor which results in no wasted energy. Our motor also comes with a built in voltmeter so you can keep an eye on how much battery you have left in addition to our magnetic safety cutoff which stops your kayak from motoring away in case of a man overboard situation.

This motor is designed specifically to be used with our Hobie Motor Mount and fits easily through the Mirage Drivewell.  NOTE: MOTOR MOUNT SOLD SEPARATELY

Max Amp draw: 23A
Weight 2.9Kg
Shaft length: 550mm
Shaft diameter: 25mm
Overall Length: 800mm


SKU: 10351
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