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Power your electric motor with our FPV-POWER Lithium Ion Polymer Battery packs! Our batteries weigh about 1/5th of the weight of a comparable Lead Acid and are physically much smaller! Our battery packs are designed with safety as our number one priority and come in a waterproof hard case.


We have also included a Battery Management System (BMS) which will auto cut off the power if there is an external short and will also protect the battery from over discharge when in use and overcharge when charging.   Battery comes terminated with a waterproof 60A plugs and spare ones are supplied for you to connect to your motor leads.

This 100Ah pack is made up of 2 x 50Ah batteries with a parallel harness to give you the total of 100Ah. The benefits of this setup is that one can be removed for shorter trips and that charging times are much shorter as this kit also comes with individual chargers for each battery.




  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 50,000 mAh
  • Amp Draw: 60A Max
  • Cycles: 400-800
  • Dimensions: 170x140x95mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Case: Waterproof hard case 
  • Battery Management System: Built-in short circuit protection with charging and discharging safety cutoff.
  • Charger: 10A wall charger


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