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Mike Bucca has been a long time staffer and close friend of Gary Dobyn’s since Dobyns Rods first started. Mike’s love for swimbait fishing led him to start his own swimbait company back in 2007. He named his baits and company Bull Shad. These baits quickly filled a niche in the swimbait world. The Bull Shad baits range from 4” to 11” and are super popular with swimbait anglers today. Mike has wanted a special rod that’ll throw all of his baits in the larger 6″ to 11″ sizes and now the Bull Shad rod has been made. It’s a Mike Bucca signature series Bull Shad rod made to handle his popular larger baits. This rod has a unique length at 8’3” with a full 14” handle. This rod is called a fast action but it’s on the slower side of fast, making it an excellent casting swimbait rod.           

Dobyns Bull Shad

Only 1 left in stock
  • Model Pieces Line Lure
    MB 836SB 1 20-40lb 2-8oz


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