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Australia is blessed with some of the finest fishing in the world. Remote, untouched locations teeming with hard fighting sportfish are often only accessible by venturing off the beaten path. That’s where Daiwa’s 20 WILDERNESS rod range was born.


Utilising Daiwa’s brand-new V-Joint Alpha technology, WILDERNESS is the undisputed champion of the travel rod market.


V-Joint Alpha is the latest incarnation of Daiwa’s famous V-Joint technology, utilising the finest materials in 0, 90- & 45-degree axis around the joint sections, V-Joint Alpha creates a multi-piece rod with a single piece feel.


During the development of V-Joint Alpha, Daiwa engineers were able to produce rods with one extra section whilst at the same time making rods which were stronger, had better recovery and better performance than their predecessors.

Daiwa Wilderness

$369.00 Regular Price
$349.00Sale Price
  • Model Pieces Line Lure
    765LFS 7'6" Light Spin 5 1-3kg 2-8g
    765MLFS 7'6" Med/Light Spin  5 2-5kg 3-12g
    765MHFS 7'6" Med/Heavy Spin  5 3-6kg 4-17g
    765HFS 7'6" Heavy Spin  5 6-10kg 10-30g
    644XXHRB 6'4" XX Heavy Baitcast 4 10-30 20-100g


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