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The Infeet Kodachi 40 SF is a slow floating subtle finesse shad shape crankbait which excels when fish are skittish, whether in clear water or still conditions. Kodachi's thin round lip bib provides an immediate action, even at slow speeds, but thanks to its shad shape profile, a tight action is still retained when retrieved with a slow roll.

Kodachi is equipped with a magnetic cast weight system. By fitting a small magnet and sliding weight in the head of the lure, Kodachi shifts to bulk of its mass to the tail when casting for long, accurate casts. But when cranked down, the sliding weight is locked in place by the magnet, ensuring that the tight and stable action is consistent. Kodachi is an ideal bait for flats and shallow/floating structure such as boats, pontoons, weedbeds and rock bars.

Weight - 3g

Length - 40mm

Type - Driver

Daiwa Kodachi

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