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INFEET Z is the middle tier in the INFEET family, and perfectly combines some historic Daiwa design with the most advanced materials to produce a truly outstanding finesse rod series.

Six models encompass the INFEET Z range and the first thing you’ll notice is the traditional ‘Heartland’ style reel seat. This is indeed a brand-new Air Sensor design which utilizes the latest in carbon infused resin materials to produce a reel seat which is hollow in construction yet incredibly durable, resulting in one of the lightest reel seats on the market. INFEET Z’s blank construction utilizes the latest in Daiwa’s X45 technology, X45X Full Shield is applied to the butt section of the rod, increasing torsional stiffness and improving blank recovery.

A combination of Fuji stainless steel SiC guides on the butt section of the rod, and Fuji Titanium SiC guides on the tip, makes INFEET Z rods feel responsive, crisp and an absolute joy to use.

Daiwa Infeet Z

  • Model Pieces Line Lure
    641LFS 1 1-4kg 1-7g
    681LFS 1 1-4kg 1-7g
    702LFS 2-Butt 1-4kg 1-7g
    712LFS 2-Butt 1-4kg 1-7g
    732ULFS 2-Butt 0.5-3kg 0.5-5g
    732LFS 2-Butt 1-4kg 1-7g
    742ULFS 2-Butt 0.5-3kg 0.5-5g
    782LFS 2 1-4kg 2-10g


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