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NFEET LTD AGS is a single model series designed alongside the TD BATTLER AGS and incorporates a lot of the same technology such as the SVF Compile-X Nanoplus graphite and X45X Full Shield. This combination delivers an incredibly lightweight blank which is unmatched in sensitivity and responsiveness. Megatop technology integrates a solid carbon tip to blend an extra fast soft tip powerful responsive traditional tubular blanks for an action which is simply impossible to achieve in a traditional tubular blank construction process.

INFEET LTD AGS is technique specific and was designed to cater to the popular southern technique of fishing lightly weighted soft plastics over vast expanses of shallow water flats for estuary species such as bream, flathead and whiting. A request of Daiwa angler Mark Crompton, the action was one missing from Daiwa’s range and fills a gap in the market to perfectly cater to this technique.

Daiwa Infeet LTD AGS

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