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Building on the blocks laid by the popular range of INFEET EX spin rods, the new INFEET EX baitcast rods feature the same cutting-edge designs and technology. Built on SVF Nanoplus graphite blanks for insane sensitivity, the tech is cranked up with the inclusion of X45X Full Shield graphite cloth throughout the entire length of the rod. This use of X45X significantly increases the resistance the blank has to twisting forces, increasing responsiveness and delivering a crisp feel.

Adding to the blank, a combination guide train of FUJI Titanium SiC stripper guides and Daiwa’s Air Guide System (AGS) carbon fibre guides make the INFEET EX baitcast rods some of the lightest rods ever released onto the Australian market. Daiwa’s double-trigger AIRSENSOR reel seat provides supreme comfort and a sensitive grip so you can feel everything that bites.

Daiwa Infeet EX Baitcast

  • Models Pieces Line Lure



    2 Butt 1-4kg 1-7g
    722LRB 2 Butt 1-4kg 1-7g


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