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Introducing the latest in fishing innovation from Daiwa, tailored for Australian anglers: the TD BLACK 24 with advanced AIRDRIVE DESIGN.  This next-level reel is not just about form; it's about superior function.


Daiwa’s AIRDRIVE DESIGN introduces a revolutionary four-pillar concept—Airdrive Rotor, Airdrive Bail, Airdrive Spool, and Airdrive Shaft, designed to lighten weight and enhance smoothness and responsiveness.


Featuring the Zaion V Body, a cutting-edge Daiwa resin and carbon composite that combines exceptional strength with remarkable lightness.


The Monocoque (MQ) Body system takes reel design to new heights by eliminating conventional side plates, bolstering reel strength, improving water-resistance, and accommodating larger drive gears for enhanced performance.


Ensuring ultimate protection, the Magsealed Body employs magnetized oil seals on the main shaft, shielding the reel’s engine room from dust, water, and salt. It's a game-changer in durability and reliability.


Daiwa’s renowned TD BLACK series, cherished by Australian anglers, now welcomes the 24 TD BLACK MQ.


With its Monocoque Body and AIRDRIVE DESIGN, this model represents the pinnacle of spinning reel technology. The MQ system enhances power and durability, while AIRDRIVE DESIGN optimizes operability and responsiveness, reducing rotational mass for effortless handling.


The 24 TD BLACK MQ boasts Tough Digigear for superior power transmission, a Magsealed body for unparalleled protection, and ATD Type-L and ATD Carbon Drags for smooth, precise control.


Combining sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge features, the 24 TD BLACK is poised to lead Daiwa’s spin reel lineup.  Explore the future of fishing technology with Daiwa’s latest innovation, engineered to excel in Australian waters.

Daiwa 24 TD Black MQ

PriceFrom $299.00
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