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Now into its third generation, Daiwa’s TD BLACK is the largest range of light tackle rods developed specifically and solely for the Australian market, with 36 models catering to everything from King George Whiting through to XOS Swimbaiting. Locally relevant and regionally optimized, Daiwa’s TD BLACK rods represent Daiwa’s dedication to producing the most well-rounded Australian specific range of light tackle rods on the market.

A HVF Nanoplus blank equipped with X45X Full Shield technology produces lightweight, crisp and responsive actions that feel great in the hand. The high-modulus HVF graphite, combines with Nanoplus resin technology to reduce the overall weight of the rods. Outfitted with Fuji Alconite anti-tangle guides and Daiwa exclusive AIRSENSOR reel seats for optimum comfort and balance.

Daiwa 20 TD Black

PriceFrom $239.00
  •  BEOWULF 601XHFS X-Heavy 6'0"/183cm 14-50g 10-15kg 1
     KING GEORGE 631MLFS Med-Light 6'3"/190cm 9-38g 3-6kg 1
     CAP'N RISKY 641ULFS Ultra-Light 6'4"/193cm 0.5-6g 1-3kg 1
     PINSTER 641LFS Light 6'4"/193cm 1-8g 1.5-4kg 1
     MANGROVE MASHER 642MFS Medium 6'4"/193cm 7-21g 5-8kg 2
     SWAMP DONKEY 641HFS Heavy 6'4"/193cm 10-30g 6-12kg 1
     ITCHY TWITCHY 6101LFS Light 6'10"/208cm 1-8g 1.5-4kg 1
     ITCHY TWITCHY II 6102LFS Light 6'10"/208cm 1-8g 1.5-4kg 2
     DRUNKNMONKEY 701ULFS Ultra-Light 7'0"/213cm 0.5-6g 1-3kg 1
     DRUNKNMONKIES II 702ULFS Ultra-Light 7'0"/213cm 0.5-6g 1-3kg 2
     SCRATCHY 701LFS Light 7'0"/213cm 1-8g 1.5-4kg 2
     SCRATCHY II 702LFS Light 7'0"/213cm 1-8g 1.5-4kg 2
     WILD WEASEL 701MLFS Med-Light 7'0"/213cm 2-14g 2-6kg 1
     WICKED WEASEL 702MLFS Med-Light 7'0"/213cm 2-14g 2-6kg 2
     SHAKE'N'BAKE 701MXS Medium 7'0"/213cm 10-30g 5-10kg 1
     SHAKE'N'BAKE II 702MXS Medium 7'0"/213cm 10-30g 5-10kg 2
     CHERABIN 701HXS Heavy 7'0"/213cm 15-70g 8-15kg 1
     GRUB'N 722ULFS Ultra-Light 7'2"/218cm 1-7g 1.5-3kg 2-Butt
     PADDLEFISH 742LXS Light 7'4"/224cm 3.5-12g 2-5kg 2-Butt
     MACKA 742MFS Medium 7'4"/224cm 7-21g 5-8kg 2-Butt
     HUMPHEAD 742MHFS Med-Heavy 7'4"/224cm 10-30g 5-10kg 2-Butt
     NUGGET 742XHFS X-Heavy 7'4"/224cm 14-50g 10-15kg 2-Butt
     SUPERCASTA 762MHFS Med-Heavy 7'6"/229cm 10-30g 5-10kg 2
     SUGAPOP 782LFS Light 7'8"/234cm 1-8g 1.5-4kg 2
     TANG 782LRS Light 7'8"/234cm 5-25g 2-5kg 2
     SLUGGER 802MHFS Med-Heavy 8'0"/244cm 14-60g 6-12kg 2
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