Biwaa Strout

Biwaa Strout

The Biwaa S’Trout is a multi-segmented Swimbait made up of 8 Segments constructed from solid plastics (free of Phthalates and BPA), and jointed with a Mesh Woven Fabric.

The design of the S'Trout allows the head to track straight with the body following in an ultra-realistic swimming action. The shape of the S'Trout closely resembles a trout, hence the name. By changing the retrieval speed and rhythm, you can easily imitate an injured baitfish. Whether you are looking for a gentle S action, or a sharp side to side action the STrout’s design allows for a versatile presentation to match the fishing conditions. 

Weight - 8g & 85g

Length - 90mm & 190mm

Type Swimbait