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Adusta has developed the Zacrawl Yajirobee JR surface crawler lure that helps anglers cover a lot of water quickly with an incredibly noisy surface action. It's characteristic wings create a ruckus, even at a moderate / slow retrieve pace. The bait is built around a highly buoyant barrel shaped body that supports the wings and tail rig parts while providing a stable action. 

The barrel shaped body generates a strong wave / roll motion that big crawler baits are known for. This appeals to wide range of target fish when combined with it's noisy sound. This is extra important in low light or muddy water situations. 

Additionally the bait is strengthened further by Adusta's original design high strength hook eyes which gives you the confidence to tackle large species of Australian fish

Weight - 19g

Length - 65mm

Type - Crawler

Adusta Zacrawl JR Yajrobee

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