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​"Force Mix" is a well-balanced combination of four action elements in a slender form. The first is the volume of the big bait. Reproduce the large bait fish that big fish prefer to prey on. Stir the water throughout the large body. The second is the sound and action of the joint bait. The highly appealing movement of the joint bait and the hit sound played by the body of the joint part in contact attract a wide range of targets. The third is the sound and vibration of the crawler bait. The sweet sound and vibration generated from the wing strongly appeals to a wide range of target fish and makes the water surface crack. The fourth is swimbait's natural swimming. The shad tail built into the rear part of the body swims flexibly with body action. A natural wave that resembles a swimbait seduces the target.

Weight - 43g

Length - 205mm

Type - Crawler

Adusta Force Mix

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