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Entry Level Estuary Luring

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The often tranquil and semi-protected waters of our estuaries are home to a high profile spread of lure eating targets, and when combined with often easy access to these areas, it really does make them a sportfishing playground from every angle!

Getting started with lures in estuaries for our favourite fish shouldn't be an intimidating exercise. While it's easy for first timers to get lost in the almost overwhelming amount of tackle aimed at this fishing, truth be told, the core gear needed for success isn't that extensive. Also pleasing is the fact that locating quality fish in an estuary, and working your lures effectively for them, needn't be a hair-pulling exercise either.

This article from Shimano looks at how best to get a foot in the door with this estuary luring game, and importantly how to start decking some meaty slabs on your fake offerings in these Aussie-favourite locations!

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